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Biologist, composer and musicologist, Antoine Ouellette holds a PH.D. in Étude et pratique des arts (Arts Studies and Practices) from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) for inter- disciplinary research on bird songs. His biomusicologic essay Le chant des oyseaulx is published by Éditions Triptyque (Montréal: 2008). In 2011, he published a new book written as an «Essay testimony»: Musique autiste. Vivre et composer avec le syndrome d'Asperger [Autistic Music. Living and composing with Asperger's Syndrom] (Triptyque).

He presently teaches musicology and music history at the Université du Québec à Montréal, and conducts Gregorian chant, which he studied under renowned masters. Member of Canadian Music Center, he has composed over forty works, including Bourrasque, for solo flute (published by the Éditions Henry Lemoine, Paris), and Une Messe pour le Vent qui souffle, an huge 45 minutes organ work commissioned by CBC and unanimously acclaimed by critics. Joie des Grives, an orchestral contemplation based on 11 North-Eastern America’s bird species songs, was presented in July 2008 at the Festival International de Lanaudière, with the orchestra under the baton of Maestro Jean-Marie Zeitouni. The Prince-Edward-Island Symphony Orchestra, under Dr James Mark, gave the première of Perce-neige in February 2009. Forestare, an orchestra of guitarists, premiered Fougères 2 in June 2011, an highly successful performance.

Since 2006, Antoine Ouellette is studying Bharata Natyam, a classical style of Southern India dance, with Ginette Dion-Ahmed. This interest inspired him to compose two works combining Indian and Western instruments, which were premiered in June 2008. His development as a composer is very personal integrating a Western classical approach, contemporary techniques as well as the general principles of modal music. Energetic yet meditative, his music carries echoes of the sounds of nature and calls to a greater harmony between human civilization and nature.


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Au jardin de Gethsémani 
For flûte, cello and (electric) piano (opus 3; 1982. Révision: 1988)
Durée: c. 15 minutes 
Level: 5/10 (1= very easy; 10 = «Is it possible to play this?!»)
Level: 4/10

Danse boréale 
Cello and piano (= 2e mouvement de la Sonate boréale, opus 4)
Durée: c. 3 minutes 
Level: 5/10

L'Esprit envoûteur
Symphony concertante for alto flute, harp and chamber orchestra (strings and percussions) (opus 9 / version finale: 2012)
Alto flute part:
Harp part:
Material available from Centre de musique canadienne:

Notre Père 
Motet for A cappella mixed choir (opus 24 #2)
Durée: c. 5 minutes 

Level: 5/10

For solo Cello (opus 5)
Durée: c. 11 minutes 

Level: 6/10

For solo clarinet (opus 49)
Durée: c. 8 minutes 

Level: 6/10

Sonate romanesque
[Sonate #1] For Cello and piano (opus 1.1)
Durée: c. 20 minutes 

Level: 7-8/10

Sonate boréale
[Sonate #2] For Cello and piano (opus 4)
Durée: c. 24 minutes 

Level: 7-8/10

Score (42 pages):
  Cello part (12 pages):

Sonate liturgique
[Sonate #3] For Cello and piano (opus 42)
Durée: c. 30 minutes
Level: 7-8/10
Score (41 pages):

Suite celtique
 For solo Harp (opus 6; 1983, révision: 2014)
Durée: c. 15 minutes 

Level: 5/10